I have taught or contributed to numerous courses since I began as a teaching assistant in the Autumn quarter of 2018, as presented in the table below. For a summary of evaluations or detailed evaluations, please email me.

Teaching History

RoleCourse TitleCourse NumberQuarter, YearInstructor of Record
Instructor of RecordEvidence-Driven Policy ImplementationPUBPOL 313Winter 2021-
Teaching AssistantManaging Organizational PerformancePUBPOL 512Winter 2020
Winter 2019
Steve Page
Steve Page
Teaching AssistantPublic Policy AnalysisPUBPOL 513Spring 2021
Spring 2020
Spring 2019
Marieka Klawitter
Karin Martin
Karin Martin
Teaching AssistantFinancial Management and BudgetingPUBPOL 522Autumn 2020
Autumn 2019
Autumn 2018
Sharon Kioko
Sharon Kioko
Justin Marlowe

Course Descriptions

Please find below short summaries of each course, from the official UW course descriptions.

Course TitleCourse NumberCourse Description
Evidence-Driven Policy ImplementationPUBPOL 313Explores the multidimensional challenge of turning policy and program intentions into valued results on the ground. Understanding why implementation can fall short of expectation requires an understanding of how public/nonprofit organizations work; including their mission, resources, collaborators, and results measurement. Examines the role that evidence can play in service of democratic governance and policy effectiveness.
Managing Organizational PerformancePUBPOL 512Addresses questions of organizational design, personnel, and operations management to equip students with skills to perform effectively in mission-driven organizations. Core topics include organizational design, inter-organizational networks, human resources and staff management, improving service delivery and production flows, measuring and managing for performance, and ethical leadership.
Public Policy AnalysisPUBPOL 513Equips students to rigorously assess policy responses to public problems, through defining problems, devising alternative solutions, clarifying stakes in choices, predicting impacts of choices. Skills developed by working on specific policy problems. Assumes familiarity with statistics, microeconomic theory, and institutions and processes of American government.
Financial Management and BudgetingPUBPOL 522An introduction to financial and management accounting, and an overview of public and nonprofit budgeting systems. Covers tools and techniques for budget analysis and the use of financial information in managerial decision making.